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Now with  support for  R50, R52, R53, R55, R56 & R57 Mini Vehicles

This software package enables you to unlock the mysteries of your BMW‘s comprehensive diagnostic and complex electrical control systems and carry out virtually all of the tasks which would normally only be possible by making a trip with the car to a BMW Dealer, including resetting service intervals and reading and diagnosing stored error codes. However this diagnostic software is far more than just an error code reader.

BMW GT1 / DIS V57 is the software originally designed and used by BMW to program and diagnose the many electronic control modules used within the BMW range of motor vehicles at their own dealerships. BMW GT1 stands for BMW Group Tester and contains two programs which allow for fast easy diagnosis and programming / reprogramming of all of the control devices used within BMW Cars manufactured between 1996 and 2009

BMW GT1 is also known in some circles as BMW DIS V57, and since it is a specialist dealer piece of software designed for use by BMW Technicians, it was not generally available to the general public nor to independent garages or mobile automotive engineers who may also require it. The original BMW GT1 / DIS V57 software was designed to run on a Networked Linux / unix based environment, often using the IBM T30 Laptop as its human-display interface. Since the original BMW GT1 / DIS V57 systems are now very rare, and prohibitively expensive (£3000+) it wasn’t long before a stand alone version of the GT1 software was created for use in the domestic Windows environment, using nothing more than a standard laptop and an easily obtainable interface lead, and this is what you see being advertised here.

The BMW GT1 / DIS V57 Suite is a group of software programs which will allow you to access, control, diagnose and reprogram all of the various electronic modules which control the many functions of your BMW car, and the actual individual software programs contained on our DVD GT1 / DIS V57 Diagnostic Package DVD’s consist of the following:-


BMW DIS is used largely for diagnosis purposes, this program will access the various electronic modules within a BMW & Mini Vehicle, and read stored error codes to allow the operator to identify existing or potential problems across the many electronic sensors used within the vehicle body and engine through a flow chart of diagnostic tests. BMW DIS will also allow you to view, and clear any stored error codes, as well as resetting service interval or CBS data during an Inspection. BMW DIS will also allow low level coding operations, such as resetting various Adaption values, registering new batteries and recoding injectors in diesel (DDE) vehicles and many other hundreds of previously ‘dealer only’ procedures, including DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and oil quality resets and forced DPF regeneration on diesel BMW’s.


This is a complex and very powerful piece of technician level software, used to recode all aspects of the vehicle electronic control systems.  This includes recoding replacement ‘body’ modules, immobiliser coding and syncronisation, Parking Distance Control, Auto Gearbox Control Systems,  Central Locking Control, HID Lamps and Light module parameters and also Roof functions on convertible models. You can also use Progman to code and change individual key based stored comfort settings and also add or remove keys to / from the vehicle.


BMW TIS, is a complete Parts workshop manual for BMW Motor Vehicles. Should you require any replacement parts for your BMW Model Vehicle or even locate where they are situated within the vehicle, then BMW TIS will allow you to locate the section relevant to the part, and then give an exploded, and detailed diagram and the layout and also the original BMW Part Numbers of any replacements. BMW TIS also gives detailed servicing information, including details of any additional technical upgrades and also various maintenance routines outside of the standard schedules.

Software Features

The GT1 / DIS V57 Software suite will also allow you to enter the dealer only areas of your vehicle which allow you to customise and personalise individual settings and adjust many of the user comfort features which may be hidden in your BMW vehicle ECU. These include selective locking, Key Memory, Seat / Mirror Memory, Alarm Notification, Daylight Running Lights, Pathway Lighting and many other Dealer only modifications.

Our BMW Diagnostic Software requires the the use of either the Ediabas or K+D-Can interfaces which are used to physically connect between the operators’ laptop and the diagnostic port within the vehicle. Using these inexpensive interfaces allows easy connection to the vehicles’ onboard diagnostic computer from a Laptop, all for a total price which is often less than the cost of a single diagnostic session at a dealer.

Using these aftermarket Ediabas or K+D-Can interfaces, brings this dealer level BMW diagnostic system into the budget of the average domestic owner-mechanic who wants to diagnose, service and maintain their own private vehicle on their own driveway as often as they wish.

With BMW vehicles getting more and more complex, even the simple process of replacing a battery could mean a trip to the dealer to get the BMW IBS system reset and changing over any faulty electronic modules with pre-owned replacements (perhaps obtained from a salvage yard) can mean that the replacement module has to be first (re)coded to the rest of the vehicle. In order to do this, the BMW owner would be required to take their vehicle to a BMW dealer or a workshop for reprogramming.

Unfortunately, a lot of the other aftermarket diagnosis software and the basic handheld code readers simply do not have the same features as BMW GT1 nor will it code BMW vehicles or carry out the above tasks.

Our diagnostic software offers a solution, which allows the average DIY mechanic to use BMW GT1 and unlock the hugely powerful potential of diagnosis and recoding on their own driveway, using nothing more than an old laptop, our software package and a low cost, readily available EDIABAS serial or K+D-Can USB interface, and our package comes complete with step by step, easy to follow installation instructions, and once installed it can be used as often as you wish.

The BMW DIS V57 and PROGMAN V32 Software package which we offer here will work with all worldwide models of BMW Cars made between 1996 and 2009 and the various software package options can be purchased here for delivery all over the world.

We do not sell or include the interfaces, however further details of all compatible BMW Diagnostic interfaces and vendors can be found on our Interfaces page along with advice on choosing the correct interface for your vehicle. Unfortunately, generic OBDII, ELM327 or Carsoft type interfaces will NOT work with this software.

Our BMW GT1 / DIS V57 Software Package contains all that you need to install and operate BMW DIS and BMW SSS on a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 platform simply by using the cheap EDIABAS or K+D-Can Interface within a standard familiar Windows Environment. Our package is compatible with most BMW and MINI Models manufactured for worldwide markets between 1996 and 2009, and this includes the following models:-

BMW 1 series:           E87
BMW 3 series:           E30 E36 E46 E90/91
BMW 5 series:           E28 E34 E39 E60
BMW 6 series:           E24 E63 E64
BMW 7 series:           E23 E32 E38 E65
BMW 8 series:           E31
BMW x series:           X3 E83 X5 E53
BMW z series:           Z1 E30 Z3 E36 Z4 E85 Z8 E52

MINI series                   R50 R52 R53 R55 R56 R57

We can supply a DVD Package sent out by Mail (Airmail to overseas customers) which contains the following:-

BMW DIS V57 (Newer version of BMW GT1) for Diagnostics, Servicing and General fault finding

BMW Progman SSS V32 (Allows comprehensive programming and coding)

Diaghead Emulator (allows the use of either the usb or serial interfaces)


Step by Step Software and Interface Installation Instructions.

Our website also offers various other combinations of the software tools used for BMW Vehicles. This includes BMW Inpa V5.02, BMW Ediabas V6.47, and also the increasingly popular NCS Expert, NCS PLANT, WINELDI and WINKFP Editor

This system will operate on any laptop or PC which has a serial port (Ediabas) or USB (K+D-Can) and is running with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 bit O/S versions are supported – 64 bit are not compatible)


Questions? – Please read our new FAQ Page

Disclaimer:- This website is not owned by nor associated with BMW. Use of this Software package and the EDIABAS / K+D-Can interface is done entirely at the owners’ risk, and you accept this liability when purchasing this software package or any other package in this suite. We will also not be held liable for any damage or expense incurred by the owner when recoding or programming their vehicle, this is a powerful piece of software, with some options which require due respect and care in their operation. This software is provided for educational, non commercial purposes only for private users to diagnose and program their own vehicles, and no liability is extended nor implied.

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