Posted on 1 September 2012

We have had many enquiries relating to the advertising of other BMW and automotive related websites and businesses on this website, largely due to its niche interest base, and high search engine ranking.

So in light of the current level of interest we have recently decided to offer paid advertising on this website, consisting of small banner and graphic ads down the right hand column of the website (above and below the website navigation links). Not only will these advertisements appear on the main index page, but also every individual page throughout the website.

To avoid saturation of adverts, we have decided to only accept a maximum of ten advertisers at any one time. So with no more than ten active advertisements running this will of course maximise the impact for those who support us and also limit the individual competition from other similar businesses.

In addition, we also offer ‘unique placements’ this means that you can secure your advert on our website, on the understanding that we will not accept any additional adverts from competitors in the same field business as yours for the life of your advert. (Subject to there being no existing advertisers in that field currently advertising with us). As the description suggests, ‘Unique Placements’ are sold on a ‘first come – first served’ basis and do carry a premium charge, however they also ensure that you have exclusive rights that field of business.

Currently enjoys around 2500 – 3000 unique internet visitors every month (August 2012) and being an international website, this traffic originates internationally, with the main bulk of current visitor traffic originating from the United States, UK and Europe.

Given the nature of our website, all of our traffic consists of existing owners of BMW Vehicles, and largely originates from those with a focused interest on repairing and maintaining their own vehicles, and so advertisers would ideally be based around services for BMW vehicles, or related automotive based tuning and technical services. Examples of effective advertising would be from those involved with  insurance, warranties, bmw spares and parts, garage services, tools, interface leads, tuning boxes, styling and aftermarket, security, in car entertainment and navigation DVD’s

We offer five sizes of advertisement at three different rates, and these are as follows:-

Small – 120 x 120

Medium – 150 x 150 and 160 x 160

Large – 200 x 200 and 250 x 250

Graphics & Logo’s should be supplied to us by the advertiser, and can be in any popular image format (.jpg .jpeg .gif .png etc) static or animated.

Our prices also include the image hosting, however if you wish us to link to an image already hosted on your server / website, then please supply the URL link instead of the physical image.

General Adverts can be placed on a monthly basis or a six month block (6 month carries a discount). Minimum period 1 month.

‘Unique Placements’ are charged in 3 month, 6 month or 12 month blocks – with the minimum period being 3 months.

If you are interested in finding out our current advertising rates for the above sizes of banner, then please use our Enquiry Form, making sure that you put the title  “Advertising on GT1” in the subject field, and telling us what your business is, the url to your website and whether you are interested in a general or ‘unique placement’ advert

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