Posted on 12 May 2012

If you are experiencing poor running problems with your BMW Diesel Car, then once a worn MAF Sensor has been ruled out, then the next course of action is to replace the injector(s) in order to restore optimum performance from the diesel engine.

Often BMW Diesel Injectors will fail at around 80,000 to 100,000 miles of service, although there are reports of some diesel owners replacing their injectors at as little as 50,000 – 60,000 miles. Although they have a longer service life, and are around ten times the price, diesel owners should see replacing the injectors on their BMW’s as being consumables, in a similar way to the replacement of spark plugs and coil packs on BMW Petrol engines.  In addition the cost of replacing diesel injectors can be significantly reduced by buying refurbished bmw injectors from a diesel specialist.

Because new injectors for BMW’s are  expensive, care must be taken in order to ascertain that it is the injectors which are at fault. Often the early signs of an impending injector(s) failure are a misfire, an increased diesel ‘rattle’ at idle and a general lack of performance and acceleration. The engine may also smoke excessively during periods of heavy acceleration, and large amounts of smoke may be witnessed in the rear view mirror when overtaking. When the injectors are very worn, the engine will rattle and vibrate excessively during idle, and may smoke even at low road speeds.

However, since most of these symptoms can indicate problems in other area’s, you will need to use a diagnostic program in order to ascertain that it is an injector issue, and once confirmed you will need to know Which injector(s) is / are at fault.

We offer a comprehensive diagnostic software package, which will allow you to read error codes, perform a diesel ‘knock’ test, and more importantly, will allow you to read real time running data in the form of a bargraph style display, which shows the fuel rate and injection ‘leak off’ from each injector, in order to immediately identify which injector(s) are at fault, and need replacing.

Once, you have replaced the faulty injector(s), they will need electronically coding to the Engine Management System using diagnostic software called ‘BMW DIS’ which is also included in our Software Package.

It is worth noting that the entire cost of the Software Package, and the interface lead is probably far less than a visit to the local dealer in order to diagnose the problem and read the error codes!.

BMW DIS will enable you to easily enter the six (Euro 3) or seven (Euro 4) digit number which is stamped on your new / reconditioned injector(s) into the engine management system, and correctly calibrate the injection rate to match the sensitive injector.

Failure to code the injector to the engine management system, will often continue to give performance issues and poor fuel consumption, in fact similar symptoms as the failed injector did in the first place, so it is false economy to replace an injector, without correctly coding the replacement to the vehicle.

Replacement Injectors can cost between £1200 and £2000 per set when purchased from BMW, however you can buy professionally refurbished BMW injectors for a fraction of the price, which will return your diesel BMW to as good as new.

We highly recommend Specialist Diesel Injection Services for refurbished injectors, who operate an exchange service.

Some screenshots of BMW DIS carrying out the Injector Coding feature are shown below, along with the  documentation.

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