Posted on 19 May 2012

If you are having problems connecting BMW DIS to your vehicle,  more often than not, these connection errors occur due to important sections of the installation being skipped or an oversight with one or more of the configuration and network settings, so please take your time when installing BMW DIS, as rushing through the installation process, can actually cause additional problems which take longer to rectify than careful installation from the start.

BMW DIS has been installed successfully by thousands of private BMW Owners all over the world, so the software itself is pretty much tried and tested. Most of the issue which people have when connecting it, come down to local or isolated issues with the installation process, or a faulty interface lead, or even installing the software on a 64 bit Windows operating system.

We have compiled a checklist of the most common causes of connection failures relating to BMW DIS.  It is important to ensure that the following steps are checked, and then checked again.

1) Ensure that your ‘computer name’ is 8 characters or less within Windows

2) Make sure that the string in the Environment Variables is added correctly and there are no syntax errors, such as a missing colon at the end of  Wbem – so the full string should read as Wbem;c:\ediabas\bin

3) If you have bought the Full BMW DIS V57 package from our Webstore then make sure that you have applied the ‘OBD.INI’ changes and ‘Serial Port Set up’ configurations correctly. These files are vital to the operation and connection of BMW DIS V57, and it will not work if applied incorrectly or the process is skipped

4) Make sure that you have added the correct IP address and Port settings within the ‘EDIABAS.ini’ file as per our instructions. Also make sure that the interface is configured to STD:OBD

5) Double check the settings within VMWARE, especially the network ones. Often its easy to enter settings into VMWARE and exit without actually actioning the changes you have just made. Therefore make sure that you also select ‘OK’ to update the changes before moving from the window.

6) The majority of connection issues come down to the wrong choice of interface or a wrongly configured one. There are a lot of poor quality interface leads out there which are wrongly configured, or simply don’t have the correct software drivers to handshake between the vehicle and laptop. This often causes the owners to (wrongly) blame the software, when the issue, and fault lies is caused by lack of a  correctly configured communcation link between the car and laptop. If you are getting errors beginning with ‘IFH’ such as “IFH-0009: NO RESPONSE FROM CONTROL UNIT” (for example) then these are nearly always the fault with the configuration of the interface lead, especially if it is the D-Can or USB type. If you are getting these types of error or other similar ‘no reponse’ errors, then you should read our INPA IFH ERROR PAGE for further help on diagnosing these interface related errors.

7) Make sure that you are using a 32 bit version of a Windows Operating system. We clearly advertise the fact that BMW DIS V57 will not work on a 64 bit system for good reason – IT DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY!. Whilst DIS will work on 32 bit versions and Vista and Windows 7, we highly recommend using a copy of Windows XP, as the installation will go far more easily and you are likely to encounter far fewer problems.

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