BMW DIS & GT1 ERROR 200.168

Posted on 19 May 2012

BMW DIS & GT1 Error 200.168

Getting the Error Code 200.168 whilst operating Bmw Dis / GT1 is a fatal software error, which stops operation of GT1 & DIS from continuing. Often this 200.168 error is caused by hardware related problems, or an incorrect / incomplete software installation.

Causes of Error Code 200.168

1) A bad copy of Bmw DIS / GT1 or one which is lacking required drivers

2) Bad or Corrupt Sectors on Hard Drive, or an approaching Hard Drive failure

Solution to Code 200.168 Error

1) Format Hard Drive, and reinstall both Operating System and BMW DIS / GT1 from their original DVD set

2) If the problem still occurs even after a total reinstallation, then buy a new hard drive, and re-install again on the new drive.

If you do not have the original installation discs for re-installing, you can purchase BMW DIS and SSS on a DVD set from our Webstore.

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