Posted on 30 July 2011

Frequently Asked Questions in relation to our Bmw Dis V57 Diagnostic Packages.

Dis V57 and SSS V32 are the very latest version of Bmw GT1 and represent many additional and extended features that the Group Tester (GT1) originally contained.  BMW GT1 used to contain both the Diagnostic and Programming / coding options in the one system whilst the increase in control modules and software complexity means that now two seperate dedicated programs are now required, and currently  BMW DIS V57 handles the diagnostic data whilst BMW Progman SSS V32 deals with programming, coding and comfort facilities, and offers support for BMW & MINI Vehicles up to 2009

Being the latest version, also means that the V57 software package is compatible with much later models of Bmw Vehicles, such as those E83, E6* and E9* series vehicles, and Mini R56 vehicles built after 2006 which use the faster D-Can interfaces.

Ignore any claims that DIS or SSS exists in newer versions than these offered here, DIS V57 and SSS V32 was the last official version to be released & the newest to ever be supplied to Bmw Dealers. Any software professing to be newer versions than this will probably be heavily modified using files transplanted from ISTA (which replaced DIS in 2009) and will be possibly unstable and unreliable as a result, which could carry additional risks of causing damage to a vehicle. The modified sections may also only be available in German.

What Operating System does Bmw Dis V57 need?

We highly recommend using Windows Xp to run this software and in order to avoid network and software conflicts it is advised that you also consider installing it on a dedicated machine used for nothing but diagnostic work (Old Dell D610 or similar era IBM ‘X’ and ‘T’ series laptops are ideal for this and can be bought very cheaply from Ebay), however the software will also run on Windows Vista and Windows 7 if a newer laptop is the only available option.  We recommend using 32 bit Windows operating systems where possible, however whilst DIS and Progman will work with 64 bit systems, NCS Expert will not. We have also had several reports from our customers that this software will work on Windows 8 (32 bit) operating systems, although we have neither tested nor verified this.

The Bmw Dis V57 software package uses a virtual environment called VMWARE which is included within the software set and replicates the non-windows operating system used within the original Bmw factory and dealer environment, unfortunately, since there was never an official Windows based version of Dis V57 written, it would be impossible to run Bmw Dis V57 under any Windows O/S without also running Vmware.

Can I get this to run without the VMWARE environment?

No, This is very complex professional dedicated software originally written in UNIX, however to make it more user friendly and suitable for a domestic environment it is only possible to use it within the familiar Windows Operating System by using VMWARE which essentially replicates the UNIX environment and so allows the software to run on a Windows O/S

What Laptop do I need to run the Software?

Any Laptop running Windows XP (recommended), Vista or Windows 7 and which has USB sockets will be fine. If you have an older vehicle which uses the 20 pin round ‘ADS’ interface then you will need to use an old laptop which has a serial 9 pin RS-232 interface present, since the ADS Interface cable only comes with a serial port. To avoid possible hardware or network conflict it is best to use a dedicated laptop for this software (Dell D610 or similar recommended), however if you do choose to use the shared family laptop to install this software, then make sure that all firewalls and Anti Virus systems are disabled and there are no other network connections, such as internet or bluetooth connections active when using this software.

What is the minimum spec required on my Laptop?

We have had Bmw Dis V57 running successfully on long forgotten laptops with as old as Pentium 3 750 mhz CPU’s, and it is perfectly happy running on a 12 year old second hand Windows XP laptop!. Needless to say that the higher spec and faster the CPU processor the smoother and quicker the running and operation will be. Whilst CPU specification is not critical, memory availability is, and so we recommend a minimum memory of 1gb, with 2gb being preferred. The laptop on which the software is being installed, should have at least 35 – 40gb of free space on the hard drive.

Can I run the Software on a laptop with no Serial ports?

Yes you can, in fact the D-Can cable interface which is needed for newer 2005+ Bmw vehicles only comes in a USB format, however an interface adapter to convert the USB to a Serial port will be required for the older Ediabas and ADS interface cables for use with older cars and those which have the 20 pin round ‘ADS’ connector and this is where some compatibility issues occur with cheap usb – serial converters. We highly recommend that you use this  Belkin interface, for connecting a USB port to the Serial connector used on the older Ediabas interfaces,  since this has been tested. Details are provided within the instructions on how to set up the COM ports for the Ediabas Interface and the  Belkin Serial to USB Converter.

How difficult is it to install the Software?

If you can set up a basic home computer network and are reasonably competent around Computer Hardware then you shouldn’t have any problems installing and setting up the software from our disc set, however whilst we do not recommend it for Computer novices – many people will have friends or family who can install it for them. We provide a very comprehensive and detailed step by step instruction manual complete with screenshots (XP) showing you how to install and set up each program onto your PC or Laptop. However you do need to be reasonably confident in navigating your way around your chosen Windows Operating System, and some setting locations may vary slightly to the instructions, if installing the software on Windows Vista or Windows 7 /8.

What interface do I need to connect my Bmw or Mini Vehicle to the Software

There are three main interfaces which are compatible with this Software, and the type required will depend on the model and age of the Bmw vehicle(s) which you intend to connect it to. The three types of Bmw interfaces are,

(1) Bmw ‘ADS’ interface, which is a round 20 pin connector often found under the bonnet (hood) of the vehicle. These were fitted to BMW’s throughout the mid to late 90’s

(2)  OBDII K-Line interface, a rectangle 16 pin interface, often called EDIABAS and found within the vehicle passenger compartment. These were fitted to BMW’s between 1999 and 2005.

(3) Bmw D-Can (also called K+D-can)  which use the same 16 pin format as Ediabas but operate at much higher speeds. D-Can is used on newer Bmw cars built between 2005 and 2009 (E83 / E6* / E9* / R56 etc). However these interfaces are backwards compatible with the OBDII protocol and therefore can also be used with the older K-line EDIABAS equipped cars, and this cable should be used where there is only a USB connector available on the laptop.

Note that some vehicles such as the E36, E38 & E39 made between 1998 and 2001 may have both the 20 pin ADS and also the 16 pin OBD Socket present, in which case both interfaces will be required to access all of the features.

More detailed information on Bmw cable Interfaces, can be found on the Interfaces page.

Do you supply installation instructions?

Yes, when you buy our Bmw Dis V57 Software Package you also get a very comprehensive and detailed set of instructions, complete with screenshots showing how to install the software supplied on the DVD discs and how to set up both the virtual environment (which Bmw Dis V57 operates under) and how to get Bmw Dis V57 to connect to the Ediabas & D-Can interface. The instructions alone, avoid the need to read confusing, and often conflicting advice in relation to installing the software, which you may find scattered around the internet and you will save many hours / days / weeks, and avoid much hair pulling in frustration by following this detailed guide rather than the conflicting Ad-Hoc advice found elsewhere. Whilst we will give reasonable email and online assistance with setting up your software (Where installed within the recommendations made here), we are not mechanics or engineers and can not assist with “How do I ?” type questions in relation to actually carrying out test or service procedures on your vehicle or assist in repairing your car with you!. Once the software is running, when you connect it to the vehicle you accept that you will be using it entirely at your own risk!.

My Laptop / PC doesn’t have a DVD Drive fitted, can you still supply the Software?

Yes, we can arrange to supply the Software Package by another means other than DVD, please Contact Us for further information

Is there a detailed instruction guide to  operating the actual programs?

Sadly no. Remember that you are using the same software which was originally intended only to be used by trained mechanics in Garages and Workshops, and so there was never any need for a ‘user guide’ being produced and made available to the public, as it was never intended to be used on an amateur or hobby basis.

However a lot of the software operation and procedures are relatively user-friendly and self-explanatory and each system uses a menu driven system which is fairly easy to navigate and understand and the majority of people are able to carry out basic diagnostic and coding functions without too many problems, however suffice to say that just like any comprehensive software intended for a professional environment, some users may find that there is a learning curve attached to its use and some of the more complex procedures may need some patience (and Googling) before proceeding.

Does the Software come with a Warranty?

No, the software is sold on the basis that when you connect it to your car, you use it entirely at your own risk. It would be impossible for me to individually offer or underwrite any kind of guarantee that every person who purchases the software has the experience, knowledge and skills to be able to use it successfully on their own vehicle to the point of completing a satisfactory repair, and so no such warranty is given or implied. It is entirely the sole responsibility of the buyer to ensure that that the software is suitable for their requirements and that they have the skills, experience and confidence to use this software on their vehicle before they make a purchase.

I live in a Country which has an unreliable postal service can I still buy the Software?

Yes, we may be able to find another means of getting the Software to you, Please Contact Us for assistance.

Will this work on American and Australian BMW’s?

Yes, this is an international version which will work with all Left and Right hand drive BMW’s manufactured for UK, European, American, Canadian and all other International markets on BMW & Mini vehicles with factory build dates between 1995 and March 2009.

Can I change my vehicles ‘comfort settings’ by using this package?

Yes, using this package gives you access to do virtually everything that a bmw dealer would do. This includes changing the key memory settings to allow different user preferences, for example here are the most popular:-

*Enable / disable DRL’s,

*Auto door locking above ‘x’ mph,

*Pathway Lighting

*Drivers seat position memory

*Alarm Acknowledgement Selection

And many other options….

Carrying out these tasks are more complex than simple diagnostics and therefore may require a learning curve if you have not carried out programming tasks before. Google can be a great help for finding guides written by other owners.

Will I get ‘under voltage errors’ when using BMW SSS V32?

The ‘under voltage’ error is well known and documented when connecting SSS V32 using an EDIABAS or D-Can aftermarket interface. Our software packages contain detailed instructions on how to correct this well known problem, if you should encounter it, and the additional files required to resolve it.

What Languages does this software have?

Unfortunately, this is only available with English Language files, the installation instructions are also written in English.

Will using this software invalidate my BMW Warranty?

This product is NOT supported by BMW, nor is its use endorsed nor encouraged by BMW, and whilst connecting and using the software for general diagnostics  is not detectable, if you should make a mistake, cause damage or change any of the default coding or component settings then yes, you will invalidate any warranty on the vehicle, just as you would if you had the vehicle remapped using a third party or  had work carried out outside of the dealership. If the vehicle is under warranty then there would be no requirement to use software such as this, simply take your vehicle to the dealer and have any issues corrected free of charge under your warranty agreement. It is expected that customers will be using this Software on vehicles where the warranty has expired and any repair or remedial work becomes chargeable.

What is the difference between your £39.99 and £49.99 packages?

Both packages contain the same DIS, SSS and INPA software, however the £49.99 package also includes TIS V8 which is basically the Workshop and Parts manual which gives diagrams and lists the locations of all external and internal parts within the BMW range, right down to the fixing nuts and bolts (literally!). It also includes the BMW replacement part numbers for each item. If you only need the Software, then the £39.99 package will be suitable.

I need the Software quickly, can you help?

If you need the software quicker than the time it takes for Post or Airmail, then in some cases we may be able to help. Please Contact Us to discuss the options.

Which Models of Bmw Vehicle are compatible with Dis V57 and SSS V32?

All BMW and MINI vehicles throughout the world which have OBDII compatibility and with factory build dates of 1995 to March 2009, including the following models

BMW 1 SERIES E81, E82, E87, E88
BMW 3 SERIES E30, E36, E46, E90, E91, E92, E93
BMW 5 SERIES E28, E34, E39, E60, E61
BMW 6 SERIES E24, E63, E64
BMW 7 SERIES E22, E32, E38, E65
BMW X3 – E83
Bmw X5 E53,
Bmw X5 – E70,
Bmw X6 – E71
BMW Z1 – E30,
Bmw Z3 – E36,
Bmw Z4 – E85 / E86 / E89,
Bmw Z8 – E52
MINI R50 / R52 / R53 / R55 / R56 / R57

I have a BMW made after March 2009, can I still use this Software?

No, sadly this Software will not work with newer BMW’s, for advice on Software suitable for 2009+ vehicles please Contact Us

I have tried to address these popular questions candidly and honestly and in as much detail as possible. However, do you still have a question which has not been covered on this page?. If so, please use our Enquiry Form

Sales & Product Disclaimer

Using this software package outside of the BMW dealer network and any physical connection of the software to the owners’ vehicle is done entirely at the owners’ personal risk, and you accept this liability when purchasing this software package or any other package in this suite. We will also not be held liable for any damage or expense  through incorrect use or connection by the owner when re-coding or programming their vehicle or damage through inexperience. You agree when purchasing this software on the understanding that you accept that it is powerful dealer level software, requiring due respect and extreme care in its operation. This software is provided for educational, non commercial purposes only, to enable private users to diagnose, program, code and reset the service intervals on their own vehicles, and no liability is extended nor implied.

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