Posted on 1 September 2012

Finding Diagnostic Readers for fault finding on the Bmw E32 Models can be extremely difficult. This is because the Bmw E32 Series was designed and developed before the popular OBDII diagnostic platform which was introduced in vehicles manufactured after 1995.

On Bmw Vehicles manufactured before 1995, the Diagnostic protocol was called ‘MODIC’ and very few aftermarket code readers and diagnostic software is compatible with the MODIC platform.

Since most Diagnostic Readers on the market have no MODIC functions and are only equipped for OBDII protocols, this usually results in lack of compatibility for Bmw E32 models.

Even the handheld diagnostic error code readers which will work with Pre-OBDII vehicles have extremely limited functionality, often limited to simply reading and clearing stored fault codes, they will not interrogate the various electronic control modules within the E32 series, and allow you the same level of access as you would get from paying a Bmw Dealer to diagnose your E32 for you.

We offer for sale BMW DIS, this is a dealer level diagnostic software, which will allow you to not only read and reset fault error codes whenever they occur, but will allow you to also access everything on your BMW E32 which the dealer can access, and in most cases, the software costs less than single diagnostic reading carried out at your local workshop.

BMW DIS, will run on any cheap medium specification laptop fitted with an RS-232 serial port, and comes complete with easy to follow installation instructions

To use BMW DIS, on a MODIC equipped vehicle such as the E32 series, you will need to purchase a special diagnostic interface called ‘ADS’, this allows connection between the serial port on your Laptop and the round 20 pin diagnostic connector found in the engine compartment on the Bmw E32 series.

Care should be excercised in order to buy the correct interface for your BMW E32, as not all interfaces are the same, and an incorrect choice or poor quality interface is by far the most common reason for connection errors.

Please ensure that you do not buy a standard OBDII EDIABAS interface or D-Can interface even if it comes complete with a 16 pin rectangle to 20 pin round ADS adaptor, because both are OBDII interfaces and will simply not work, even with a 16 pin to 20 pin adaptor.

To connect to vehicles which use the ADS type round interface used on E32 bmw models, you need a special, dedicated interface with tried and tested Ads functionality. This specialised interface can be purchased from Do it Auto (International Delivery)

To buy the BMW DIS software package, please visit OBD STORE

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