Posted on 22 March 2014

If you are having problems with the immobiliser system on your BMW Car, then the chances are, that your BMW EWS has lost its rolling code, suffered transponder damage or has failed internally. Often using software such as BMW DIS and BMW Inpa will allow you to re-sync the EWS unit with the rest of the vehicle, however this re-sync procedure will not work, where a transponder has become lost or damaged or the EWS has become electrically faulty due to age, water ingress or a wiring fault (and Electrical problems with the EWS unit are very common)

Problems with the EWS IMMO unit are documented quite widely, usually amongst owners with older E34, E36 E38, E39, and E46 vehicles, although it can occur on all BMW vehicles which use the BMW EWS 2 and EWS 3.2 immobilizer

Replacing the faulty EWS Unit, is not as straight forward as it seems, because if a replacement EWS unit is obtained from another vehicle, it first needs to be “virginised” and have the data of the previous donor vehicle erased before it can be reprogrammed with the new vehicle identity, and even then, long term success can be very hit and miss when it comes to reprogramming keys, and of course the replacement EWS unit may itself also suffer from a similar fault in the longer term.

The easiest and cheapest solution, is to simply bypass the unreliable EWS unit, by using an EWS IMMO emulator. This Emulator produces the correct ‘OK’ data signal which the body control module expects to see from the EWS unit when all is well, which circumvents the EWS problem, and allows the fuel pump to activate and the starter to turn, and the vehicle to be started and used as normal. Thus permanently correcting the EWS fault, cheaply and without replacing any modules or having to reprogram keys etc.



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