Posted on 22 February 2011


A Complete GT1 Dealer Level Laptop & Software Diagnostic Package for BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce

A Panasonic CF-29 based diagnostic package ideal for an Independent Garage or Mobile Mechanic. These systems are VERY rare and our current limited stock is likely to sell out very quickly at this price.

***Includes BRAND NEW interface cables***

We have, for sale a very  limited supply of complete BMW & Mini DIAGNOSTIC PACKAGES, already installed and configured and installed on a dedicated refurbished Panasonic CF-29 Toughbook, fully tested and all ready to earn money.

Simply boot the Laptop in the usual way,  connect the supplied interface diagnostic cable and access GT1, DIS V57,  SSS, Bmw Inpa, TIS

This is exactly the same software as used by the Authorised Dealerships.

These are Previously Owned, refurbished systems, and so you should expect a few scratches and marks as you would expect from use in a professional workshop environment, however any visible screen scratches are generally limited to the screen protector which is fitted as standard to protect the laptop screen, and can easily be removed and replaced, in a similar way to a smart phone screen protector.

The Panasonic CF-29 Toughbook, as the name suggests, is a very rugged laptop designed for use in harsh, industrial environments and so it should continue to give many years of service.

By buying a Ready to go system, all of the program installation and interface configuration is already done for you. Removing the need to buy the software and then install it yourself. It also removes the worry about obtaining a suitable laptop, and choosing an suitable interface cable, from the bewildering array which are available. All of the software installation, setting up, configuration and Interface testing has already been done for you.

This is the most easiest method of DIY Diagnostics for any owner who is not familiar with installing software or configuring diagnostic interfaces.  Simply Plug ‘N’ Play.

Each Complete BMW Diagnostic Laptop System will consist of the Following



* BMW DIS V57 – Fully Installed

* BMW PROGMAN V32 – Fully Installed


* BMW INPA  – Fully Installed

* BMW INPA / K+D-Can Interface which allows the above Software to connect to BMW’s equipped with OBDII & D-Can Interfaces (Most models from 1996 – 2009)

This Laptop based Diagnostic System can be shipped all over the world.

Click Here to buy this Laptop Based BMW Diagnostic Package


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