Posted on 7 April 2014

Previously, it has been impossible to diagnose any of the range of BMW Motorcycle models by using the older GT1 Diagnostic software. However with the introduction of the BMW ISIS / ICOM Diagnostic platform, it has now become possible for the Bmw Motorcycle owner, to do their own dealer level diagnostic and programming tasks from their own workshop, using nothing more than a basic laptop, software and a dedicated Icom diagnostic cable.

By installing and using the Ista Diagnostic Software, along with the recommended interface cable, will allow you to connect to your Bmw Motorcycle and carry out all of the tasks that a BMW Dealer would normally only be able to do.

To diagnose and program the full range of Bmw Motorcycles simply requires the purchase of the following Software and Hardware

Bmw Ista P / Ista D – Diagnostic Software Download

Bmw Motorcycle Icom D Diagnostic Cable

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