Posted on 28 August 2011

You may now be aware that there is a small, well documented flaw when using Bmw Progman SSS V32 to program vehicles when using the non standard Bmw Yellow or Orange Head interfaces, with the Diaghead emulator.

During programming and coding procedures, BMW Progman SSS V32, expects to see a voltage of over 13v appearing at the vehicle end. This is to protect the ECU from suffering permanent damage from the vehicle battery going flat during programming and to ensure that the operator is using an external Power Supply Unit to provide the vehicle with a suitable 13v to 14v dc supply.

The error with the aftermarket Ediabas interfaces, means that even if a suitable power supply is connected to the vehicle battery, Progman still continues to report an undervoltage (usually 12.4v) despite there being upto 14v present at the vehicle.

Unfortunately, this error will prevent Bmw Progman SSS V32 from programming or coding the vehicle due to the continued undervoltage error, and work cannot be carried out.

Our Bmw Dis V57 and Bmw Progman SSS V32 software package, comes complete with a detailed work around patch for this problem, and once applied they will allow Progman to see a voltage of above 13v so that programming and coding can continue.

Click Here to Buy the BMW DIS V57 and Progman SSS V32 Software Suite, complete with the Progman Work around patches.

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