Posted on 3 March 2012

We get many enquiries from BMW Owners, who are asking about the BMW Standard Tools and Ediabas Toolset32. There are many versions of BMW INPA floating around, many of which do not include these two valuable tools. In relation to running a stand-alone BMW INPA installation, BMW Standard Tools, forms the basis to the entire BMW INPA operation, and versions of BMW INPA which do not include BMW Standard Tools, may be incomplete, wrongly configured or simple may not work correctly.

We also get many enquiries from users who are seeking Ediabas Toolset32, as their version may be missing it.

We are pleased to announce that our version of BMW INPA and EDIABAS Package, is the full version, which includes both the BMW STANDARD TOOLS Installation, as well as a copy of Toolset32.

The full installation of BMW INPA and EDIABAS is available in a download package for £19.99, and can be purchased from our SALES WEBSITE

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