Posted on 22 August 2010

Using the Ediabas OBD Interface with BMW DIS V57 & BMW PROGMAN SSS

Using a simple laptop, OBD Software’s DIS / SSS V32 Software package, and a simple off the shelf Ediabas or K+D-Can interface lead you will be able to diagnose and read the fault codes from your vehicle.

But BMW DIS V57 / Progman SSS V32 is more than just an error code reader, it will give you access to the features on your vehicle which are normally only accessible to the Bmw Dealer, and with the relevant labour charges which come with it.

Not only will you be able to access all of the complex modules which make up the Engine Management and Body Control systems, but you will be able to change the comfort settings and configuration of many of the options which would require a trip to the dealer, including forcing a DPF Regeneration for Diesel Particulate Filters which are now found in newer European Diesel Bmw Models.

The EDIABAS interface is available in various versions, and each type will be applicable to your own vehicle, or the vehicles which you intend to connect the system to.

Here is an explanation of the different protocols and connection options, used in BMW vehicles between 1996 and 2008.

ADS Interface. This is a round 20 pin connector, usually fitted under the bonnet (Hood) of the vehicle. Usually used on older (Pre 2000 vehicles) this was the first OBD II Compliant interface which BMW Began using back in around 1994 /5 . However care should be exercised, as not all ADS Interfaces were OBDII compliant, and some very early BMW models used OBD1 – a very slow, very basic protocol which sadly is NOT compatible with BMW DIS V57 or SSS V32. If your vehicle is post 1995, then it is usually OBDII compliant and should work fine with this software. Most EDIABAS Interfaces come with an ADS Adaptor lead, so if your vehicle has the round 20 pin connector in the engine compartment, then you will need to use this style of interface.


Also known as a K-Line interface, this is a rectangle shaped 16 pin connector usually found located under the dashboard or within the passenger compartment of the vehicle. This is the more popular, and common method of connection, as it was used for a period from around 2000 – 2005 across all models, including:-

– BMW 1 Series E87
– BMW 3 Series E30 E36 E46 E83 and new E90
– BMW 5 Series E34 E39 E53 and older E60 E61
– BMW 6 Series E63 E64
– BMW 7 Series E38 E65 E66
– BMW 8 Series E31 E52
– BMW X Series E53
– BMW Z Series E85 E52
– MINI Series R50 R52 R53

This EDIABAS interface also comes complete with a lead which enables connection to ADS equipped vehicles. So this is the interface which you should purchase if you intend to diagnose OBD and ADS equipped vehicles.

K+D-Can BMW Interface

Used with modern BMW Cars made after 2005, such as E60 and E61 build models and newer X5’s and E9x series , D-Can is a very fast protocol which allows fast reading of the data stored in these newer, more complicated systems, which also include

  • E60, E61 Bmw models since 2007
  • E83 Bmw models since 2006
  • E81, E87 Bmw models since 2007
  • E90, E91, E92, E93 Bmw Models since 2007
  • E70 (new Bmw X5)
  • R56 (new MINI)
  • The K+D-Can interface is also reverse compatible with Ediabas systems which use the 16 pin connector, so it can be used with the OBD Systems as well. However the K+D-Can interface is not suitable for the older ADS systems with the round 20 pin connector.

    If you are a garage intending to diagnose a wide range of customer vehicles then purchasing the EDIABAS OBD Interface and K+D-CAN will pretty much allow you to connect to ADS, EDIABAS K-line  OBD and D-CAN vehicles built between 1996 and early 2009.

    The K+D-Can interface is also the lead of choice, if you are not sure whether your vehicle is D-Can or OBDII EDIABAS equipped.

    So here is what you need to start diagnosing your vehicle.

    OBD Software’s DVD Package containing BMW DIS V57 and SSS V32 Progman

    (ii) A Suitable Laptop, ideally with at least 1GB of Memory and 40GB HDD Space, a serial (RS232) port and running Windows Xp SP2. I recommend either the T23 or T30 laptops made by IBM but any USB laptop can be used if a serial port  is not available. In cases such as this,  the recommended Belkin RS232 – USB interface should also be purchased as results with other types, can be hit and miss.

    (iii) A suitable interface for connection of the laptop to your vehicle(s), based on the explanation given above.

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