Posted on 22 September 2012

Most Bmw’s have the ability to have upto a maximum of 10 individual keys programmed to them, which is useful if the vehicle belongs to a family and there are multiple drivers. However sometimes it is required to disable and enable a key, such as if the key is lost or stolen for example.

Being able to disable certain keys, is also useful if you have bought a Bmw and it has had several previous owners, who may have added or enabled extra keys during their ownership, which have been lost or simply have not been passed on to you. Being able to disable keys which are not in your possession, and may still be retained by a past owner, gives peace of mind and will protect you against theft or fraud.

Normally, in order to enable or disable your BMW key, it would require an expensive trip to the dealer, however there is a possibility to enable and disable any individual key(s) as required, on your own driveway, simply by following these steps.

1) Order the BMW DIS Software Package from OBD UK, this comprehensive software package gives dealer level access to your vehicle, and includes a wide range of Diagnostic and Programming abilities, as well as being able to easily enable or disable a key from your vehicles’ ECU database.

2) Obtain either a K-Line or D-Can OBD Interface for your vehicle. This interface physically and electrically connects to the laptop running the BMW DIS software and plugs into the OBD Diagnostic port on your vehicle.

3) Once you have the interface and the software is installed, start BMW DIS, and turn on your vehicles’ ignition

4) Select your Bmw Model and Series number form the DIS Menu

5)  Let DIS run through its tests. This will take a few minutes.

6)  Next go to “function selection”.

7)  Then hit test schedule.

8) Select “service function”, then “locking and security function”, then “enable/disable”

9) Now you just put each fob into the ignition one at a time to check the number of that key. Then you look at “remote control status”. This will tell you what key numbers are currently enabled/disabled.

Your BMW can store up to ten keys and each will have a designation when it was originally programmed to the vehicle.  Once you have the number of each of your keys, go in and enable any that are not not already enabled and disable any that you no longer own.  This way only the keys which you still own can start the car.

Anyone with a disabled key can still unlock the door, but they will no longer start the car. You will also be able to re-enable a disabled key by repeating the proceedure should you find or be given the key at any point in the future.

Please note that this procedure will not code blank or new keys to the actual vehicle, it will only allow you to physically enable or disable a key which was previously programmed and mated to the car by the factory or a BMW dealer. It is possible to code your own blank key to the vehicle, but you would need to purchase a compatible Bmw Key Programmer, such as Gambit or Bmw Key Programmer Kit

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