Posted on 3 March 2012

For Mini Diagnostics we offer the BMW DIS V57 and PROGMAN SSS V32 software package which is the very latest diagnostic software for BMW and MINI Vehicles.

BMW DIS V57, will allow you to carry out dealer level diagnostics such as resetting service intervals, changing adaption settings, as well as diagnosing and testing the Car Access System, Electronic Transmission Management, Tyre Pressure Control, Integrated Heating Control, Comfort Access, Multiple Restraint System, Park Distance Control, Instrument Cluster and many many more modules within the Mini Body and Chassis environment.

In addition, BMW Progman (SSS V32) will also allow you to carry out recoding tasks, such as changing modules, and also making adjustments to comfort and user setting preferences.

Basically, you can carry out pretty much all of the tasks which would normally have to be taken to the nearest dealer, on your own driveway.

The BMW DIS Diagnostic Package supports R50, R52, R53, R55, R56 & R57 chassis, on Mini vehicles manufactured up to March 2009.

The DIS software supports European RHD, European LHD and American LHD variants and includes Mini One, Mini Cooper N, Mini Cooper D, Mini Cooper S, Mini Cooper W models in Hatchback, Coupe and Cabriolet chassis.

You can purchase the BMW DIS V57 Diagnostic Software Package on a DVD Set for £39.00 which includes worldwide airmail postage. Please visit our SALES PAGE to purchase.

Please note that later models of the BMW Mini will require a D-Can style interface lead. Care should be excercised as to using the correct interface for your Mini vehicle. We do not supply interfaces, however you can find a list of vendors on our INTERFACE PAGE.

Please view the screen shot gallery below which shows BMW DIS in actual operation. Please note that this gallery only shows a brief example of the options and features of DIS using a couple of example vehicles.

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