Posted on 29 March 2014

Our Ordering Terms and Refund Policy

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the installation of this software then the easiest and fastest way of addressing them is to ASK prior to committing to a purchase. By addressing any potential problems at a pre sale level usually saves both the buyer and vendor a lot of time and goodwill, and will generally negate any requirement to broach any refund policy at a later date.

We sell technical diagnostic software, and just like any other technical software of other disciplines, it is expected that the customer will have an interest in and at least a minimum level of knowledge of the subject it covers, however the onus is entirely on the customer to ascertain their own individual confidence level and relevant personal skill set when it comes to operating and  determining the depth of their intended use of this software.

We do supply a comprehensive,  easy to follow instruction manual complete with step by step instructions and screenshots showing how to set up and configure the software in a laptop environment, and we will always try to assist where practically possible in relation to any problem(s) encountered when setting up the software – either by email instruction or by arranging a remote assistance session over the internet.

However it is generally expected that any customer who has an interest in purchasing this type of specialised software also has a commensurate level of computer acumen, and is confident in setting up usb connected hardware and finding their way around their chosen Windows operating system and its settings.

It is also anticipated that the buyer will have carefully read through our sales website and has understood the minimum recommended requirements of the software including any disclaimer in relation to operating the software, all of which are stated clearly on our website, in order for the buyer to make their own, informed decision prior to making their purchase.

Refund Policies

For non tangible digital software, such as our download packages we are unable to offer a refund policy for obvious reasons. However we will endeavor to assist you in getting the software up and running, should you encounter any problems with the set up process, which are not covered in the instruction manual.

For delivered goods, such as DVD based packages, we will offer a full refund provided the DVD’s are all returned (at the buyers expense) with their packaging seals still present and intact. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund any purchases where any disc cover seals have been broken indicating that there are reasonable grounds for us to believe that the software has been installed prior to its return. In the event of the customer having problems with the installation or connection process, we will of course, assist in every way possible in order to get the software installation up and running.

Whilst many functions and operations contained within the software are simple and carry little or no risk, there are operations such as programming and updating vehicle firmware which are very complex and require detailed knowledge or a high level of confidence to undertake. Our policies only extend to the supply and installation of the software, however once you connect to your vehicle, then you accept that you will proceed at your own risk, at a pace based entirely on your own skills and knowledge.

Please note, that you are simply buying a software package, and not the training required to become a BMW master technician, and therefore we are unable to offer any assistance on vehicle repairs or ‘how to’ operations within the software itself.

The limit of our liability extends only to supplying the software and in giving assistance to any customer to enable them to install it successfully, and unfortunately finding out at a later date that the customer perhaps underestimated their own ability to complete a repair to their vehicle using this software,  or who doesn’t have access to the correct hardware interface, or lacks basic operating system skills is, sadly, not considered reasonable grounds for us to issue a refund.

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