Posted on 22 September 2012

Modern cars like BMW’s have the ability to program upto ten individual keys within their ECU’s in order allow large families, rental companies, business drivers  or multiple private drivers to all use the vehicle each using their own individual  key.

It is already possible to invidually enable or disable these already pre-programmed BMW keys at will, simply by using diagnostic software such as BMW DIS which allows you to display and enable and disable each pre-programmed key as required. This feature is useful if you should lose a key or a previous owner did not forward all of the original keys to you, but this will only work with keys which have already been programmed by a BMW Dealer, and what happens if you want to code a fresh new key from a blank or replace a lost keyfob or obtain a spare?.

Normally you would need to take the vehicle to a BMW Dealer, who will cut and program a new key to the vehicle for you, however this comes at a price and what if you should need a replacement key in an Emergency?, late at night? or during a holiday when the dealers are not easily available or are closed?.

Fortunately, there does exist a solution, in the form of portable BMW key programmers and cloners, which connect to the vehicle through its diagnostic port, and will allow a freshly cut blank key or suitable remote keyfob to be quickly and easily added to the vehicles’ ECU and Immobiliser system, and will allow it to open and start the vehicle.

Such Key programmers and Key Cloning systems are also relatively inexpensive, often costing less than a visit to the Bmw Dealer and of course you can use it again, or offer a service to other Bmw Owners!.

If this type of programmer is of interest to you, you may like to consider the purchase of Gambit or the Bmw Key Programmer Kit

Gambit is probably the most flexible of Bmw Key Programmers, as it is compatible with the following BMW Vehicle EWS and CAS systems.

Bmw EWS1 immo

Bmw EWS2 immo

Bmw EWS3 immo

Bmw EWS4 immo

Bmw CAS (CAS1)

Bmw CAS2

Bmw CAS3

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